Nisha's Engagements

Nisha's Speaking Engagements

A national motivational healthcare speaker, live talk show radio host, columnist, and expert on Burnout, Nisha provides intriguing, informative, lively, and simple motivational talks to various organizations and communities. Her unique history as a successful entrepreneur, Health care practitioner for 30 years, and an author of three award winning books, Nisha brings a wide array of both personal and professional experience that engage and inspire her audiences.

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Functional Medicine Training for Licensed Medical Professionals

Nisha has developed a teaching university that certifies health care professionals in the field of functional medicine. This includes all aspects of hormonal optimization, brain and gut balance, functional medicine protocols for chronic illness, hormone pellet therapy, PRP, functional dermatology, and all aspects of nutrition treatments for age optimization. These trainings are held monthly in Southern Oregon.

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Private consultation with Nisha Jackson

Have you wondered if your hormones are in balance, or if your lacking the hormones needed to feel your best?

Do you suffer from weight gain, exhaustion, brain fog, loss of sex drive and function, inability to focus, hair loss, low mood/depression, anxiety, headaches? If so, you likely have a hormone imbalance that stems from your sex hormones -ovaries/testes, stress hormones (adrenal hormones), thyroid hormones, brain and gut balance.

Testing your hormones and having a world-renowned hormone expert privately consult with you on the treatment modalities available to help you get back into balance quickly and safely; is essential for your relief of these nagging symptoms.

Most medical doctors are not trained in this field of medicine, leaving you feeling frustrated with finding someone that can give you proper consultation and direction of treatment.  Evaluating all hormone levels and balancing to an optimal range as you age, can quickly turn many areas of your life including; strained relationships, overall-emotional-mental and physical symptoms and help to reverse medical issues that are progressing. Why take one more prescription and suffer one more year with symptoms that can be reversed?

Order a consultation package today to get you back to your best vibrant self.

Consultation includes:

  • Medical/Hormonal/Medication/Supplement/Age/Lifestyle/Weight Detailed History
  • Suggested testing needed based on your specific profile, history, and current problems/complaints/symptoms
    • Male and Female Hormone testing including Adrenal, Thyroid, Sex Hormones –
      • Testosterone, Estradiol, Progesterone,
      • Pregnenolone, DHEA-S, Cortisol
      • TSH, Free T3, Free T4, Reverse T3
      • Vitamin/Nutrient Levels
    • Brain Neurotransmitter testing for mood, anxiety, attention, cravings, focus
    • Gut testing for Candida, Food sensitives
    • Autoimmune Testing
    • Detox testing for heavy metals, contaminants, and toxic overload
  • PERSONALIZED analysis and consultation on all results
    • Comprehensive treatment plan based on test results in all hormone areas of deficiency, excess or imbalance
      • Adrenal, Thyroid, Ovarian/Testicular hormones
      • Brain Neurotransmitter optimizing suggestion
      • Nutrient deficiency treatment plan
      • Treatment plan for specialized testing
    • Weight/nutrition program
    • Nutraceutical Supplement suggestions to fix deficiencies
    • Age management strategies and suggestions for slowing the aging process
    • Stress reduction strategies for improved work/family/personal lifestyle
    • Referral to medical provider in your area for ongoing balancing
    • Suggested ongoing treatment, testing and education

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